Experienced Chauffeurs

Verre Chauffeurs receive extensive training and evaluation to ensure a consistent quality of service. Our founder meets personally with each driver, because we take as much pride in our work as they do in theirs. It's easy to become a ride-sharing driver, but it's hard to become a Verre Chauffeur.

Fast as F*ck

In your average black car company, dispatchers control drivers one at a time from arbitrary zones, often by phone. Drivers who kick back money to dispatchers are preferred for assignments, even if they are further away from your pick-up than a closer driver. Verre is different. Our powerful technology allows us to bypass a human dispatcher so that your ride is matched more efficiently and powerfully than ever before.

Tiered Access

Verre's proprietary categorization system means your company is in control of how Verre is used. 3 tiers of access allow managers to define whether employees get unlimited use of Verre, restrict usage to weekdays, or restrict usage to a morning and nightly commute. You've never had as much control of your transportation budget.

What Makes Verre Better

Exclusive Features to Fuel your Business


It has never been easier to start driving for a ride-sharing platform, but it's also never been more difficult to find a consistent, efficient ride home.


Our proprietary platform provides luxury cars and experienced chauffers to select business clients more efficiently than ever before, increasing speed and reducing overhead.


Due to our lean profile and our hardworking algorithms, Verre offers luxury car service at frugal prices. We provides qualified chauffeurs for less than the price of a driver.

On Time

We only work with a few select companies so our chauffeurs are ready for you on your schedule, not theirs.

Get in Touch

Speak to one of our evaluators to find out if your business is a good fit for our private beta.